The Smart Manager's Guide to Writing Performance Reviews

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Writing Perofrmance Reviews cover.png

The Smart Manager's Guide to Writing Performance Reviews


Uh oh.  Is it that time of year again already?  Annual reviews strike dread in the hearts of managers and employees alike, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Smart Manager’s Guide to Writing Performance Reviews won’t eliminate the important work of documenting and evaluating your employees’ work for the year, but it will make it much less stressful.  With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to:

•       Apply a structured approach to writing performance review documents

•       Involve employees in a way that increases their buy-in and decreases your workload

•       Avoid common mistakes in writing performance reviews

•       Address specific challenges and concerns

There are even additional resources included for common feedback dilemmas (how do you know what’s okay or not okay to put in a review?) and some non-monetary motivators you may want to consider for that high-performer who will get a top rating but possibly a measly raise. 


This 18-page guide includes:

·         An overview of performance management and where the review document fits in

·         A step-by-step process for preparing for and writing employee reviews

·         Common mistakes to avoid

·         Why your employees might be struggling to perform well

·         How to keep employees motivated even if you don't have a big budget

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