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Note: scenarios that seem broadly applicable to other managers may be used as blog posts or other items on this site, but they will be edited and changed to avoid possible attribution to any company or person.  


Things that will increase the likelihood of a response that is as helpful as possible for your situation:

  • Keep it succinct and only include details that are necessary for understanding the problem.  Roughly 500-600 words is a good length.
  • Have a clear question that you'd like an answer to.  
  • Include things you've already tried, so that I don't waste your time giving options you've already eliminated.
  • If there are options you feel are not possible, please include those.  
  • It's not necessary to include your location information (such as country or state), but it can be helpful in situations where employment laws might come into play.
  • The question doesn't have to be specific to management - it can be anything will help you be more effective as a manager, like productivity or technology challenges.

If this is an urgent situation, please reach out to your Human Resources department.  The advice provided through this service and on this site should not be construed as legal advice - please use your judgment when implementing any potential solutions, and consult an attorney for situations involving employment law.  (Your organization may have dedicated resources for this - definitely ask!)


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